• How and where do I go for Help?

    The best place to ask for help is in the secret global group which you will be invited to after signing up to host here. Alternatively you can reach out to one of our bi-lingual representatives here.


    Do I need Previous skills or abilities to host?

    Certainly not! If you feel a calling in your heart to create an event like this know that you are welcome and encouraged to step up into your own greatness. We have a full time dedicated team working around the clock to assist you along with lots of online resources to help you do everything you need.


    What happens if there is already a host in my city?

    One of the best things about this event is the people you meet and the opportunities you create for yourself and your home. We recommend checking the list of participating cities here.


    How do I hyperlink?

    To hyperlink is to create the ability to turn words on the screen into a clickable link --> this. You will need to hyperlink various things as part of creating your event on facebook and sharing your content with the world. On facebook the best way to create a hyperlink is by using the @ symbol. You place the @symbol then type the page or event you would like to hyperlink like this @the liberators international. Wait a moment and it will load your options.

    In order to do this online you will be able to search how to hyperlink here.

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