• Global Coordinators

    We've got a top notch team! These are some of the people who work around the clock behind the scenes to ensure this global event is coordinated successfully. Send them some love!

    Peter Sharp

    Founder & Global Coordinator

    After having created this experience for more than 3 years my heart is filled with a radiant joy to be in service to an event like this!

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    European Coordinator

    A master of communication and empathy, Tanguy has been with us for years and speaks more than 4 languages. He leads and coordinates the European side of this project.

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    Latin America Coordinator

    Andrea, mother and superstar is a hard working leader who has single handedly inspired Latin America.

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    North America Coordinator

    Kathleen, oversees the development of the project in North America. She has helped significantly with ensuring hosts are signed up correctly and communication flows.

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    Global Host Guide

    Linda's kind and gentle heart inspires everyone who she comes into contact with. Linda is specifically good at welcoming others, and ensuring the new hosts are informed and supported.

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    Southern European Coordinator

    English born, living in Italy and inspiring the world with his actions. Dom has been with us for years and is passionate and experienced at bringing this event to life!

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    Eastern European Coordinator

    Ruby has recently joined our team and has shown great dedication and intelligence towards bringing this event to Eastern Europe.

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    Vic Qi Pan

    Asia Coordinator

    Gentle heart, strong feminine presence bringing love and organisation to this event. She leads and inspires the development of this event in Asia.


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    Brazilian Coordinator

    A radiant ball of sunshine shining bright from Brazil. Juliana is gifted at communication and spreading love everywhere she goes.

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    Portuguese Coordinator

    Big energy, lots of love, father and legend who loves to build vibes around the world.

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